We can help you with that time consuming chore!
We offer reasonably priced residential TIC-specific services .

We will create an Operating Budget, pay your bills, compute
co-tenant contributions, email invoices each month, track
owner contributions and keep your books in order.

Do you know how much each co-owner share is of your
property taxes? We can help!

Wouldn't it be nice if you know that the bills have been paid?
Have you ever thought "did anyone pay our insurance bill?"
Theo Albers
He was able to wrestle
our books from the
previous manager and
has done a great job.  
New accounts,
statements, insurance,
the whole deal
Ryan L. - Satisfied

Andy Sirkin
Sirkin & Associates
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Member AIPB
Some of the services we provide include:
Financial statements
Bookkeeping Services
Bank reconciliation
Annual Operating Budget
We use QuickBooks Pro!
We assist first time home owners to settle into the TIC
and help them understand the TIC agreement.
We assist developers creating the TIC and integrate the
new home owners as units sell.
We Specialize in Property Tax Reviews and Audits
We will work with Realtors and Title Companies during
the sale or purchase of your unit.
Check out our Services Page for more information
San Francisco TIC Financial Services
For Trust and Transparency in Homeowner Financials
Do you have the time to keep your
HOA books in order?

Are you looking for a
review of your TIC's Property Tax
We come highly recommended by Andy Sirkin from Sirkin &
Associates as well as other professional service providers.

We support Clients in
San Francisco, Oakland and Santa
and are adding more on a regular basis.

We live in a 7-Unit TIC which means we fully understand the
interaction of living in a multi-unit building. We developed,
owned and managed TIC's and Condo's in the City and
understand the ins and outs of very small and very large
Home Owners Associations and everything in between.

We are the experts taking on your TIC bookkeeping chores!
We know and understand TIC's better than anyone.
We have successfully managed HOA finances that were in
disarray. Check out our Client

As this is our only line of business, we can give you the
attention you deserve. We will not sell you any services
outside of the standard TIC Bookkeeping service.

We will not offer or try to sell you any other service outside of
managing your TIC books, we do not provide personal tax
We believe that additional services offered to individuals
could create a conflict of interest within the TIC. We put the
TIC first!
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Audits, Property Tax Review
Our PROPERTY TAX EXPERT is here to help!
property tax rules, as well as an excellent working relationship
with the County Assessor and Tax Offices.

She will be able to help you understand your property taxes,
review the building tax situation and calculate each owner's
tax share for current and previous years.

When issues with the assessed values are found she will
work with the Assessor's Office to correct the situation,
sometimes resulting in refunds of overpaid property taxes in
past years.
Albers HOA Services
Albers HOA Services represents the Condo HOA specific
Bookkeeping arm of Albers Works LLC.

Contact us at: 415-912-0582 for further information or a
quote for our monthly service.