We have been managing TIC's in San Francisco for a number
of years with great success! We were able to take over
and C
ondo books which were in disarray or not properly
managed. We opened the lines of communication to the

We have years of experience managing small and mid size
TIC's. We perform bookkeeping tasks for 2 - 33 Unit
Buildings. We live in a 7 unit TIC and understand what it
means to live and communicate within a multi-unit

As Bookkeeping for HOA's is our only line of business, we
are able to give you a much more
personal approach,
providing you with as much information as you and your
co-owners need.

We will not sell you additional services such as individual tax
preparation as others may do. We see this as a conflict of
interest to properly managing the TIC books.

Even though we have an extensive support network of legal,
real estate-, mortgage- and insurance- brokers available to
you, we have no financial ties or obligations to these areas
and will not sell additional services or sell personal tax
services. We will only do your HOA bookkeeping and we will
do it right.

San Francisco TIC Financial Services offers bookkeeping
services to TIC's in San Francisco. We provide our clients with
complete support, including bank reconciliations, reports,
monthly statements, operating budgets and financial project
tracking. We'll work closely with you to manage every aspect
of your bookkeeping needs.

Member American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide
TIC specific financial
services to our customers
at a reasonable price.
Why have your TIC / HOA Accounting done by us?
Contact Us:

PO Box 330395
San Francisco, CA 94133


Member AIPB
 We specialize in TIC & Condo HOA Bookkeeping for a
number of years now.

HOA Bookkeeping Services is our only line of business.
We will not sell you additional services.

Our role is to provide an independent bookkeeping
service. We report to your HOA board or designated co-

  We'll work with you to develop the best bookkeeping
strategy for your HOA, no matter how large or small.

   We believe that you can not afford to rotate or share
the financial manager role between owners. How can
you be sure where the money goes? How do you know  
if that all important insurance bill has been paid?

   You will always know how much money you have in
your account, or what the status is of a specific invoice
or owner payment track record..
$123.25+56.46+ 45.99

+124.98+89.25+ 58.45

123.25 + 56.46 + 45.99

+ 124.98+89.25+58.45

123.25+56.46+45.99 =
San Francisco TIC Financial Services
About Us
Your partner in Residential Financial Management
 Theo has been wonderful to work with.  Trying to
run a 6 unit TIC has been tremendously hard, and             
having Theo to assist us and give advice is a tremendous
help. He has been very responsive, helpful, and
professional in my dealings with him. - Karin T.

  He was able to wrestle our books from the previous
manager and has done a great job! New accounts,
statements, insurance, the whole deal . - Ryan L.

   Theo has been able to streamline what is in my
opinion one of the biggest issues that TIC's have.      

Theo, Thanks a whole bunch.  I am extremely happy to
have been referred to you; so far your work seems
awesome. - Eric S.

This is exactly what we were hoping to receive. Suzy G

Thanks again for all your help! I'd be happy to be a
reference if the need arises. - Brian W.

Over 700 happy customers ...
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