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Listed below are some great sites with information about TIC
services and organizations in San Francisco.

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Plan C
Plan C is an organization in support of TIC activities for
San Francisco specically.
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San Francisco TIC Coalition
The San Francisco TIC Coalition
San Francisco Small Property Owners
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San Francisco RMLS
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San Francisco TIC Financial Services
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Useful Links
Andy Sirkin at Sirkin Law
Their site contains information on all types of fractional
real estate and shared property ownership, including
tenancy in common (also known as tenants in common
and TIC), fractional vacation homes and clubs, equity
sharing, homeowner associations, investment LLCs and
partnerships, syndication, and crowdfunding. It provides
both basic information for homeowners or home buyers
with no real estate background, and more sophisticated
information for developers, syndicators, real estate
professionals and attorneys.
TIC Resources
TIC Legal Help
Albers HOA Services
HOA Bookkeeping and Accounting Services