We offer reasonably priced packages that will help you
manage your HOA finances. Each package is a complete set
of services and can be customized if needed.

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Our most attractive 'Silver' package includes:
Monthly Bookkeeping Tasks, Bill Paying, Invoicing, etc
Bank Management, deposits and reconciliations
Monthly Bank and Reconciliation Reporting
Annually Income vs. Expense Report
Co-Tenant Open Invoice and Penalty Tracking
Ongoing Email Support
Annual Operating Budget Preparation
Quarterly Budget vs Actual Reports
Quarterly Contribution Analysis and Adjustments
Annual Property Tax calculations by unit
Property Tax and Value calculations
Annual Mortgage Interest calculations when on group loan
Review Ongoing Expenses and Recommendations
The Financial side of your Repair and Improvement Project   
Tracking and Reporting
Additional Reporting as required
Support during unit sale
Incorporation of new co-tenants during unit sale
Ongoing Email support
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Member AIPB
Hourly Services offered, include:
We also offer various TIC / HOA bookkeeping services at an
hourly rate.

We are members of the American Institute of Professional
Bookkeepers or AIPB for short.
  • Set-Up of a NEW HOA, including establishing
    default, reserve and operating accounts, a set of
    books and processes to deal with integrating new
    home owners into the newly established HOA.

  • Property Tax Calculations for each home owner.

  • Analyze current expenses and advise cost effective
    alternatives. Eg. Building Insurance alternatives

  • Bookkeeping Project Management Tasks. This as it
    relates to quote and invoice management.

  • Documentation and Support during a unit sale.

  • Audits of Property Taxes and existing books

  • Any help required and not listed here can be priced.
Operating Budget

Bank reconciliations

Financial consultation

Accounting, Bookkeeping

Expense Control

Co-tenant Contribution
San Francisco TIC Financial Services
For Trust and Transparency in Homeowner Financials
Our Services
Our 'Gold' service offering includes all tasks listed in the
'Silver' package
as well as:
What is not included?
Managing rental property is not included in the service and
left to the owner of a specific unit, as well as legal advice,
property management and HOA and personal tax
preparation. We do not sell you additional services beyond
maintaining your HOA books.
Please note that all bookkeeping services are provided in good faith
and based on the documentation provided by banks, vendors and
co-tenant information. Albers Works LLC dba San Francisco TIC
Financial Services is not a CPA service and can not be held liable for
the results it produces. It is recommended that each co-tenant consult
a Tax Accountant for accurate calculations. Service offerings and
package content subject to change without notice.
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We offer services for the entire TIC Life Cycle!

From establishing a TIC, new home-owner integration,
property tax reviews, through providing ongoing
bookkeeping support, and unit sale support.
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